Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rusthall election

The important task tomorrow is to vote.

Our household has been visited by  the Conservatives and UKIP.  No sign of Labour Party canvassers.  The Liberal Democrats did not bother to send me an election address, which is a pity as last year the party published the best election leaflet.

The best election leaflet, for content and layout was published by the Labour Party.  The two Conservative leaflets were a mixed bag.  The first concentrated on local issues, the second was pedestrian and why we were regaled with photographs of young and youngish Tories defeats me.

UKIP wins the wooden spoon.  The election material was abysmal.

On his record representing Rusthall, I believe the Conservative candidate deserves to win.  Doubtless national and eurozone issues will play a part in the electorates thinking, which is unfortunate.  This could benefit UKIP and Labour.  Too close to call the result, but UKIP won last year and have a good candidate.  Set against that, the Conservatives have upped their game following the disastrous campaign in 2011.

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