Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pressure will grow for Town Council

The new Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has undertaken a minor shuffle of the cabinet, bringing in two new members. One change was forced by the electoral defeat of councillor Brian Ransley.  His replacement  has a background as a civil servant involved in major transport and planning issues  and is a welcome addition to the cabinet.  The second change sees councillor Catherine Mayhew leave the cabinet.    I had her marked down as a potential Leader. Ah well.

Only one member of the cabinet lives and represents a ward in Royal Tunbridge Wells (as distinct from the Borough of Tunbridge Wells). Royal Tunbridge Wells  is the only part of the borough not to have a third tier of local government in the form of a parish or town council.  Why should  the people of Royal Tunbridge Wells be disadvantaged?

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, but the Town has been dominant for far too long over the Rural and semi-rural areas. I think the Cabinet is quite, accidentaly, well balanced between the Town, Rural and semi-rural areas.

    Please take into account those years when the Cabinet was dominated by grey haired male townies!