Thursday, 17 May 2012

Leader of the Council

Tonight, Conservative councillors meet to elect a new Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.  So far the only certain information in the public domain is that councillor David Jukes is standing. Rumours are circulating of other possible contenders. The potential field is limited as there are very few councillors with the time, inclination and ability to undertake the role, which doesn't say much for the selection of candidates process.

Some councillors are very good ward councillors but are not cabinet or leader material.  Obviously an opinion on whether or not a councillor is of the calibre required is subjective.

The best councillor never to have been leader was Kevin Lynes, who became a very successful member of Kent County Council's cabinet and an outstanding representative of his electoral division.  His death, aged 52, was a tragedy for local politics and for the Conservative Party.

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