Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tunbridge Wells Councillor launches public attack on a fellow councillor

John Smith was a leading light in the Conservative Party in Tunbridge Wells.  He was chairman of the Conservative Group on the Borough Council and his ability led to an invitation to meet David Cameron at Downing Street.

Then he was deselected as a candidate at last May's local elections.  He stood as an Independent and beat the Conservative candidate.  This municipal year he is proving to be an excellent Deputy Mayor.

In  letter to the local newspaper, The Courier, he has launched a blistering attack on Conservative councillor, Sean Holden, which he rounds off by inviting the electorate in Councillor Holden's ward to ask themselves what he has done for us other than cost us money.

Councillor Smith has attacked the Conservative Group on the Council for proposing a 3.3% increase in council tax and also raiding reserves to bridge the funding gap and keep the sinking ship afloat. He goes on to argue that the Council should have taken the £100,000 grant offered from central government and not stiffed the residents for another fiver.

One of my readers has commented thus:

The budget could have been balanced without increasing Council Tax but by taking tough decisions that are needed in times of economic stress and by following the path trodden by the overwhelming number of Councils in not increasing Taxes. Not bottling out and becoming a pariah among Conservative Councils that have taken tough action in order not to increase Council Tax.

Another letter in The Courier supports the stance taken by the Conservative Group on the Council.  The letter is from John Dutton who received a mention in an earlier post:

I wrote:

A high-profile blogger (John Dutton) against the civic complex redevelopment has been forced, according to the local newspaper (The Courier), to issue a fulsome apology for untrue and unfair statements and innuendos.

Mr Dutton, apropos the council tax increase, has written the following in his letter to The Courier.

I sincerely believe that under the good stewardship of financial portfolio holder James Scholes and leader Bob Atwood, we have the best possible hope for the future of our town and borough.  They deserve our support, not denigration.

Dear me.

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  1. What an unctious comment from that individual. He reminds me of a lap dog waiting for the cream to be handed out by Scholes and Atwood.