Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lackadaisical Parish Council

In a previous post I noted that Rusthall Parish Council had spent £450 + VAT for a website.  We are waiting still for the minutes of the January meeting to be added to the website.  What a lackadaisical state of affairs.  Time was found for a statement by the Chair of the Council concerning the recycling bins and the newly co-opted councillor (decisions takenm at the February meeting) to be placed on the website, so why not add the minutes?

The Council has hardly covered itself in glory in recent months.  Barely a whimper  raised against the closure of the fire station and a request by the Council that some recycling bins be removed.  I thought a parish council was supposed to maintain and improve services, not acquiescent to their removal.

I am awaiting the findings of the parish survey which we were promised would form the basis for the 2012-13 budget.

When the Council formed a Planning Committee it granted it delegated powers.  However, as far as I am aware meetings of the Committee are not advertised, nor are its minutes published.  I feel a formal complaint coming on.......

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