Monday, 27 February 2012

Euro shambles drifts on...and on

The G20 conference in Mexico has resolved nothing.  Non- eurozone members of the G20 are looking to the eurozone to strengthen its firewall before offering any further support.  The IMF is supine.  The German Chancellor has admitted the last Greek bailout agreement is not guaranteed to work. Nevertheless the German parliament has approved the second Greek bailout package.It is a shambles.  The final link in this post considers the misery the Greek people are being subjected to.,1518,817818,00.html
Leaders buy time at G20 summit.,1518,817887,00.html
Germany has become the new villain.,1518,817795,00.html
Europe is pouring money into a bottomless barrel,1518,817858,00.html
Merkel rebukes minister for comments on Greece.,1518,817881,00.html
German parliament approves bailout package.

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