Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Greece on the brink

It will not take much to topple Greece into anarchy. Greece has had a turbulent political history. There was a civil war from 1946-49 and military rule (the Regime of the Colonels) 1967-74. The current economic crisis has led to widespread social unrest and the government of Greece is in the hands of a stooge from the EU.

Years of misery is the future for the Greek population, either remaining within the eurozone, or defaulting and leaving the benighted currency.

Grim years ahead. Already politics of the far right and far left are making inroads. The articles below make for sombre reading.


European doubts growing over Greece debt strategy.


This blog has been following closely for two years the eurozone crisis. What has happened has been a systemic failure of the political elite in Europe to counteract the problems caused by political hubris in establishing the eurozone as a stepping stone to a united Europe.

Greece cannot be ruled against the will of its people.

Misery in Athens.

Another tweek of the thumbscrew.

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