Saturday, 3 November 2012

True Brits

I am for ever intrigued by the in-fighting between the minute political parties of the far right.  The latest manifestation is the creation of True Brits, in effect a BNP Mark 2.

The BNP has been losing members for some time as a consequence of organisational intrigue, not policy issues.  True Brits headline member is Andrew Brons MEP who resigned recently from the BNP after a long battle with Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, for control of the party culminating in an election contest for leadership of the BNP between the two individuals which Griffin won narrowly.


The next few months/years will see open warfare between True Brits and the BNP for dominance. The internecine strife hopefully will exhaust both parties, but realistically I expect True Brits to come out on top.  Given some of the supporters of True Brits mentioned in the Hope not Hate blog it should make the far right even less attractive to the electorate that the BNP.

Over the past 18 months BNP members have left the party is droves and joined the English Democrats.  The ED has welcomed this influx even though the policies of the ED on UK constitutional arrangements is markedly different from the BNP and the English Democrats' statements to be a non-racist party. Will these ex BNP converts stay in their new home or will there be a rush to join True Brits?  Should this happen, and I expect it will, the English Democrats will  be weakened severely.  At the last local elections 45% of ED candidates were ex BNP members.  ED members who resigned in protest at the BNP influx are unlikely to re-join the ED. Many have found a congenial home in UKIP.

So, one consequence of the formation of True Brits is that the English Democrats could be weakened, possibly to the point of terminal decline given the latter party's debts and poor electoral showing.

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