Friday, 16 November 2012

More bad news for Tunbridge Wells

The Tunbridge Wells Town Plan Advisory Panel recommended that the Council should support the re-opening of the Uckfield-Lewes rail link and also the line between Eridge and Tunbridge Wells.


A threat has emerged to the trackbed in Tunbridge Wells concerning which I posted the following:

So what has been the reaction of the Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to this threat to a through route linking West Kent with East Sussex and Brighton?

From today's Courier newspaper:

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is not necessarily in the market for buying land adjacent to railways which have no investment value.

The leader of the Wealden Line Campaign, Brian Hart, responded:

That was  a shameful thing to say.

At the very least one might have expected Councillor Jukes to reiterate the importance of protecting the trackbed from housing development and to work with other organisations to ensure this happens.  He could have added his support for the re-opening of the line.  But no, all we hear is more negativity.

It all adds to the charge sheet against our councillors  who give the impression of being hell-bent on making Royal Tunbridge Wells a backwater: indeed a monument to political mediocrity.  No drive, no ambition, no vision, no action.


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