Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tunbridge Wells Town Plan Advisory Panel (3)

The transport section of the report seeks to address a multitude of issues.

The Panel is to be congratulated on supporting the re-opening of the railway line between Uckfield and Lewes and Eridge and Tunbridge Wells (presumably the latter replacing the Spa Valley Railway).  The proposal to re-open these lines can be found by following this link:

I doubt the need for a High Brooms - Tunbridge Wells shuttle rail service.  There is after all a four trains per hour service between the two stations and the 281 bus route (twelve minute frequency) passes the two stations.  Possibly this idea has its roots in the barmy ideas in circulation a few years ago for a station in the old goods yard and a station in the tunnel with escalators to Fiveways.

The need to retain fast trains to London is mentioned, but not the fact that the Tonbridge-Orpington line is almost at full capacity and there is no plan to deal with this issue.

My personal preference is for pay on exit car parking, certainly in the multi-storey car parks.

The shared space concept is one which should be considered in more detail.  I have used such space in Ashford and have had no problem with it either as a pedestrian or as a motorist.

However, I am not convinced of the proposal to close Neville Street.   Motorists will seek out rat-runs through residential streets.  The Royal Oak crossroads in very congested already and matters will be made much worse should traffic be diverted along Forest Road.  The junctions at each end of Bunny Lane are dangerous and this could only be resolved by either traffic lights or roundabouts.

Stronger emphasis should have been made on the need for park and ride.

The idea of using the 281 and 277 bus services to provide a better shopper-hopper service is one I support.  What is needed is for the buses to be easily identified and for signage at bus stops to be improved significantly.

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