Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tunbridge Wells Town Plan Advisory Panel (4)

The febrile frenzy within the Conservative Group leading up to the ousting of Roy Bullock as Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council was followed by soporific stupor under his replacement, Bob Atwood.

The establishment of the Advisory Panel was intended to take the heat out of the civic complex debate.

One objective of the Town Plan should be to, according to the panel:

Position the town as the cultural heart of West Kent and East Sussex (the west Kent 
equivalent to Canterbury in the East)

Most laudable.  But how is this to be achieved?  In the context of the civic complex all that is proposed is to enhance the existing buildings.  In Canterbury, the Marlowe Theatre was demolished and a new theatre constructed.  All the panel could come up was refurbishment of the Assembly Hall along with a new back stage.  The phrase 'square pegs in round holes' comes to mind.

The suggestions to move the museum to the police station building and upgrade the library building again show a poverty of vision.  Recently I visited Ludlow,  a town of great character.  It has a modern library and museum resource centre.

In Tunbridge Wells, the aspic brigade is besotted with buildings.  The nettle must be grasped. Form should not dictate function.

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  1. When you read the report there is only one voice you hear throughout the report - a certain grey haired Doctor who invented aspic and has been encased in it ever since. This is not visionary, its turning the clock back to the LAST century