Monday, 30 July 2012

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council: Civic Medallion

My aversion to awards in well-documented in posts on this blog.  Put simply, my opposition is based on the fact that for everyone who receives an award there are many others equally or more deserving who receive nothing by way of recognition . I do not begrudge those who receive awards and I have congratulated individuals who have received them.

Recently the Borough Council  agreed to award Civic Medallions to the late Kent County Councillor Kevin Lynes and the late Borough Councillor Peter Crawford whose deaths I commented on on this blog.  I knew both well and they are deserving recipients.  The third award is to Dr Philip Whitbourn, who is very much alive.  Whilst I disagree with his ideas on the future of certain buildings in the town, nevertheless he has been indefatigable in his endeavours to protect buildings and well deserves his award.

According to Borough Council documents, Councillor Victor Webb (UKIP) supported Dr Whitbourn's nomination but not those of the two councillors. I wonder why?

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