Friday, 8 June 2012

Oh dear!

I have lost count of the number of times politicians on whose watch a calamity has occurred have not taken the honourable course of action and resigned but instead have declared they are best placed to sort out the mess.  Power corrupts.

The shambles that is the eurozone  has seen no resignations by the individuals responsible for its creation, nor of  those responsible for the failure over the past two years to remedy the problems that the eurozone created.  It is the citizens of European countries who are paying the price of the incompetence of the ruling elites in Europe.

The eurozone project has failed and should be given a quick burial.  Instead we have Merkel urging more Europe.  Why should we trust the architects of failure to get it right in the future?

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  1. Gone it appears are the days when leaders who fail accept the responsibility and do the honorable thing and remove themselves from office. That task must now be done at the ballot box before it becomes necessary to do it from a cartridge box.

    K Cameron