Friday, 22 June 2012

John Dutton opines

John Dutton has a letter in today's local newspaper which repeats comments in previous letters.

His (Bob Atwood) excellent leadership, coupled with James Scholes' good stewardship......

He goes on to state:

The main factors in Bob's defeat were dissatisfaction with his party's national leadership and actions, together with overblown anti-EU publicity, coinciding with a new UKIP local candidate in his ward, where there was already a well-known UKIP councillor. In an ideal world, local and national politics would be kept at arm's length, but in today's world this is an unattainable goal, given the ever pervasive ignorance and boredom of most electors concerning their local councils activities.

Fair enough, but back in April John Dutton had this to say in the local press:

...may I urge that we use the May local elections to signal our disapproval and lack of confidence in the current government, by not voting for their local candidates.

The local electorate followed his advice.  Not much good extolling the leadership of the Council and then proposing people should not vote for them.


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