Friday, 15 June 2012

Atwood under attack in local press

Following his not unexpected electoral defeat at the hands of UKIP, Bob Atwood, the former Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, was not magnanimous in defeat.  Whilst attacking the campaign of UKIP was fair enough, after all politics is a rough trade, the implication of the comments was to blame the electorate for supporting a party he described as xenophobic, jingoistic and possessing basest instincts.  Rather foolish, particularly if you plan to seek the same electorates' vote in the future.

The response hit the letters column of today's edition of local newspaper.

Some of the comments.

(he) should graciously recognise that the electorate have spoken

Bob must stop feeling sorry for himself

He should learn to accept defeat with a little grace

He should not demonise people who did not turn out to vote for him. 

Some, of the letter writers are UKIP members or supporters and one has to allow for bias.  But others are not, and collectively the letters express opinions held by some Rusthall people from across the political spectrum.

I believe Bob Atwood was unlucky to lose his seat as he was a good ward member.

Rather than mounting his attack, Bob Atwood would do well to consider why people were not drawn to vote for him. He has indicated a possible interest in standing as county councillor in 2013.  But where?  My understanding is that there is a potential vacancy in Cranbrook.  However which of the other county councillors in Tunbridge Wells is retiring or is likely to have difficulty being reselected?   Doesn't take much to work out.

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