Monday, 16 January 2012

Parish Pump

Rusthall Parish Council has set its precept for 2012-13. The detail can be found on the following link:

Total expenditure is £35,622 of which £18,822  (52.8%) is on administration. The democratic process costs, so no complaints.

However, three points:

1.  When the Parish Council circulated its Budget Questionnaire it included the following statement:

Rusthall Parish Council will be preparing its first annual budget this October for the year 2012/13. Key to this preparation is identifying what needs improving and what is most important. This is where you can help, and make a real difference to how services are shaped in the village by providing your thoughts. Your response will then be used to identify areas where funding will need to be directed.

To what extent did the responses received shape the budget?

2. When will the survey results be published?

3. When will dates of planning committee meetings be published?

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