Saturday, 7 January 2012

A cornucopia of problems

Syria, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey and Egypt will feature large in the news in 2012. 

Closer to home, the travails of the eurozone will continue; along with the problems in Hungary.
For the UK government the relationship of the UK with the EU will be a high priority.  Will the 26 other nations seek to exclude the UK from any meaningful negotiations on the future of the single market?  Is Cameron's 'veto' in Brussels, to use a modern phrase. a 'tipping point' in our relationship with the EU?  Many hope it is the first small step in a withdrawal from the EU.  Cameron has to tread a tightrope to keep the europhile Liberal Democrats on board.  In view of the increasingly eurosceptic stance of the Labour Party and public opinion now predominantly anti-EU, Cameron should have no qualms in telling the Liberal Democrats to take a running jump. 

An interesting read.

UPDATE: 08.01.2012:

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