Saturday, 15 April 2017

Kent County Council elections 2017

When the election was contested in 2013 the English Democrats fielded a number of candidates who either did not exist or had not consented to stand.  One of the leading lights of the party was jailed recently for his part in the farce.  This time round there is not a single English Democrat candidate.

In 2013 UKIP ran the Conservatives a close second.  The UKIP bubble has burst and as a consequence the Tories can feel confident of retaining control of the council.

In Tunbridge Wells the long serving James Scholes is not standing for re-election. One interesting snippet. Terry Cload, a former Conservative borough councillor, was expected to stand as a UKIP candidate in Tunbridge Wells West.  In fact he is standing as an Independent in Tunbridge Wells East, the only seat UKIP holds in Tunbridge Wells.  A plot to split the Tory vote?

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