Saturday, 29 April 2017

Bureaucracy gone mad.

Rusthall Parish Council  has nine members. It has also the following committees or working parties: allotments, finance, planning and highways. The council has an office and a paid part-time clerk.  The  council precept takes £72,000 out of the pockets of residents and for what?

The traffic calming measures have not been successful, indeed at least one of the signs has disappeared. I have never seen the 'speed gun' in action.  The Rackliff Centre is not needed.

The Rusthall electorate did not have to vote at the last parish elections as only nine people stood for election. Apathy reins.

The Labour candidate for my county council division trumpets that she is vice-chair of the parish council and a member of the newly formed highways committee.  That should lose her a few votes.

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