Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Bedford

A visitor of a nervous disposition to Royal TunbridgeWells in the 1990s would have been well-advised to stay away from the Bedford and Roebuck inns.

The Roebuck had a fearsome reputation and trouble would often spill out into Camden Road.  In my experience it was boisterous, plenty of atmosphere and blessed with visits from the police when fights broke out.    The pub is now a mosque.

The Bedford is across the road from the railway station.  In the 1990s it was a seedy establishment..  I was in the  Bedford drinking bottled Guinness when a posse of policemen arrived.  Cue for the pub's denizens to scatter fast.  The pub went through name changes and a succession of landlords.  Never a good sign.

However the pub is on the up.  An oasis of real ale, a mature clientele and a welcoming atmosphere. Indeed, I would recommend a visit.

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