Wednesday, 12 August 2015

On the buses

Used my bus pass today to travel to Sevenoaks for a meeting.  All the buses on time. The bus station in Sevenoaks more convenient by far than the railway station.  The only problem: my meeting finished at 3.15pm and there is no return bus until 4.16pm.  Over an hour's gap in the service (3.08pm to 4.16pm) which is rather strange given that for most of the day there are two buses an hour and a notice  at the Sevenoaks bus station refers to a half-hourly service.

Hopefully Cllr Jukes will get his comeuppance over his plans to ban buses in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells.  Last time buses were diverted bus timetables were turned into works of fiction. I look forward to our two Conservative councillors in Rusthall putting the skids under the Jukes folly.

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