Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rusthall Parish Council Election

In May nine seats are up for grabs on Rusthall Parish Council.

The Rusthall Parish Council Abolition Group is gearing up to contest seats. In its four years existence the council has very few achievements to its name.  The traffic calming measures in Lower Green Road have had no effect on traffic speed.   Apart from that.....  Can anyone provide a list of achievements which show the Council has provided value for money or been of any benefit to Rusthall's residents.

The Council employs a clerk whom I have no doubt is hard-working and justifies her remuneration.  But do we need a parish office?  Will the old fire station be a white elephant and a financial drain on Rusthall's taxpayers in years ahead?

The problems in and around Rusthall persist: potholes, uneven pavements, High Street parking congestion and the lack of a island on the A264 at the top of the Terry Path.  Of course these matters are the responsibility of other councils, but the Parish Council has failed to bring pressure to bear on the other councils.

Rusthall Primary School is to reduce its intake to a one form entry.  Many Rusthall parents send their children to other primary schools.  What has the Parish Council done to support the school to become the school of choice?

Here's wishing success to RPCAG.

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