Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Charmless letter from Richard Benoy

Last Friday the Courier published a letter from Richard Benoy in which he attacked former UKIP borough councillor for Rusthall, Piers Wauchope.  Fair comment much of it but Mr Benoy would do well to remember that Mr Wauchope replaced Bob Atwood at the behest of the electorate. You cannot blame Mr Wauchope: blame the electorate.

The final paragraph of Mr Benoy's letter:

I must congratulate you, Piers, for getting your photo in with your goodbye letter.  I think most of the people who voted for you  had forgotten what you look like.

Well, I have news for Mr Benoy.  I haven't a clue what you look like and I am a Rusthall voter.  Mr Benoy was co-opted onto Rusthall Parish Council in 2011 and has been returned in 2015 in an uncontested election.  At least Mr Wauchope ran the gauntlet of the electorate.

Mr Wauchope did not communicate well with the electorate.  However I doubt the parish councillors have much to communicate to the people of Rusthall, apart from a whopping 8% increase in the parish precept.

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