Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Post 2015 General Election

A few days ago I wrote this:

'With a hung parliament the most likely outcome of the 2015 election it is likely there will be more horse-trading, only this time not only will the Lib Dems be involved but also the Scottish Nationalists, UKIP and a few other minor parties. The interests of the political parties will be paramount.  The electorate will have no say in the matter. The political parties should inform us before the election of their intentions in the event of a hung parliament, who will cosy up to whom, which policies will be abandoned?  Fat chance of it happening.'

Below is a a link to the editorial in today's Daily Telegraph.


From the above:

'Since another hung parliament is the most likely result, voters are entitled to know precisely how far the parties will go in post-election dealings with possible coalition partners. The favoured brush-off that “we are not anticipating anything other than an outright victory” will not be good enough. Setting out the red lines for coalitions and pacts will be the principal theme of this campaign so the party leaders better get their explanations ready'.

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