Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Anna Cleves

Perusing the list of candidate for the forthcoming Kent County Council elections I was intrigued that an Anna Cleves is standing in the Malling Central division.

However, I was unable to find such a person living in Kent, nor was I able to find her address.  Indeed I went so far as to visit the postcode area where she claims to live and of her property not a sign.

So who is she, where does she live?

A study of her consent to nomination form elicited the information that she is not claiming to be registered as a local government elector in Kent.  However she does claim to have occupied premises as tenant or owner for the previous 12 months at the address given and also to have resided for the whole of the previous 12 months at the given address.

The mystery deepened.

It has been established that the address she gave - Elm Cottage - did exist once, but it was demolished and stood on land adjacent to the house of her election agent.

It is claimed by her agent that the nomination was a 'sting' by a group he calls 'UKIP Black-Ops'.

There are unanswered questions.

1. If it is a sting operation did it extend to the appointment of Anna Cleves' agent?

2. The candidate's description is:

     English Democrats - "Putting England First!"

In order to put the name of a political party on a ballot paper the candidate has to be permitted to use the name by the Nomination Officer (or a deputy).  So, did the 'sting' extend to this as well?

3. As far as I am aware there has not been statement from the English Democrats stating Anna Cleves is not an English Democrat candidate.  Why not?

4. Her agent published this on his blog:

Note the misspelt surname.  The question is: from whom did Anna's agent secure the information  set out above?

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