Monday, 15 April 2013

Anna Cleves?

According to the Statement of Persons Nominated Anna Cleves is standing for the English Democrats at the Kent County Council election in Malling Central Division.

An evocative name, I needed to know more about her.  Glory be, Steve Uncles has provided the following:

'Cleves' has become 'Cleve'  and 'Anna' is also 'Teresa'.  'She' becomes a 'he'.  Confused?

So, where does Anna (Teresa) Cleves (Cleve) live?  Must say I was scratching my head when a search of the Royal Mail Postcode Finder produced a blank.  A site visit would clear this up - but alas, look as I did, I could not find the abode.

Help! Steve Uncles is her agent, can he help me locate his candidate's address? After all, should she (he) win  to where will constituents' mail be delivered?


The information on Anna Cleves has been amended (See below).  But why persist in calling her Cleve when she is listed as Cleves in the Statement of  Persons Nominated?  Note the use of the word 'live' for 'life' in both versions and the comedy of commas.

Who is Rob?

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