Monday, 24 December 2012


I do not subscribe to mega conspiracy theories: New World Order, Common Purpose, Who Shot Kennedy?,  the USA Did Not land a Man on the Moon, etc.

Of course there are conspiracies and cover ups and good investigative journalism may unveil them.  A good example of a cover up is the action of the police after the appalling disaster at Sheffield Wednesday's football ground.  Good journalism brought to public attention Jimmy Savile's sex exploits and most recently uncovered dirty work at the crossroads (or Downing Street's gates) in what is known as 'Plebgate'.

One aspect of Plebgate which intrigues me is that, as far as I am aware, Boris Johnson has not been mentioned, yet he is the political boss of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and played a key role in the departure of the previous holder of the post.  Given the damage Plebgate has done to the relationship between police and politicians and the uneasy accord that exists between Cameron and Johnson, the silence of Johnson is deafening.

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