Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hand in Hand

People in Sherwood, Tunbridge Wells have come together in an informal group known as Hand in Hand for Sherwood.  The group provides food and clothing for needy people.  It also offers support for people having difficulty filling in forms for various benefits.


All this has been achieved without any funding from the local council or other organisations.  This is commendable and long may it continue.  As soon as councils and housing associations become involved they bring with them stifling bureaucracy.

Sherwood fares badly in the indices of deprivation, so it is good to see local people taking the initiative to deal with problems on their own doorstep.

So far so good.  The sirens of doom and gloom have yet to make an appearance, although I have no doubt the jealous and envious will parade their prejudices soon enough.  Such is life.

The leaders of the group have a heavy burden to bear as the services the group provides will be in demand for the long term. Expectations have been raised, delivery will be demanded.  Power to their elbows.

UPDATE: 3rd December from Hand in Hand

The demand for Hand In Hand for Sherwood. Food Bank and Warmth together. is astounding, in the 4 weeks or so since the group was founded it has helped well over 100 people, this ranges from food parcels, clothing, bedding to help filling out forms and claiming money they are owed. On a daily basis people are coming forward asking for help, never be embarrassed, at some point we have all been there, this is a non discriminatory group, who offer a rapid response to ANYONE in need!!!!

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  1. For anyone wanting to contact Hand In Hand they can do so by email and calling 01892 670816