Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tory faithful sorely tried.

Ok, it is the silly season for press reports and MPs away from Westminster become somewhat braver than when in close proximity to the Whips.  Nevertheless, this weekend has seen unrest on an unprecedented scale amongst Conservative MPs, particularly those with marginal seats

Three stories caught my eye:

Add to this  list the actual and threatened damage to pensioners' income. The electoral damage the Conservatives are inflicting on themselves puts in serious doubt the party's ability to hold power, either as a majority or minority government, after the next general election.  Miliband must be rubbing his hands with glee.

Then there is 'Europe'.

Hard to discern the Conservatives 'get out of jail card'.  UKIP is eating away at the Conservative membership base and garnering votes from former Conservatives at elections.  Had it not been for UKIP, the Conservatives would not have needed to do the squalid deal with the Liberal Democrats to form the Coalition.  The damage UKIP will inflict on the Conservatives at the next election will be even more serious, unless something changes, but what?

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