Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Delay, delay, delay

The Leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has given the owners of the old cinema site a year to to do something with the site or a compulsory purchase order process will commence.  Big deal: we have been waiting for twelve years for something to happen.

One revealing comment by the Leader was his statement that the future of the civic complex is dependent upon what happens to the cinema site.  And, it would appear there are no plans , just 'ideas' for the complex.    The way matters are proceeding we may have new buildings open by 2020, but not if past performance (or lack of it) is any measure.

I support the body of opinion which favours the development of Royal Tunbridge Wells as a cultural centre for West Kent and part of East Sussex.  The problem is that the best site for a cultural complex is the old hospital site.  It is a big site and could have included a car park.  There is a goodly number of pubs, cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.  However the site is to be used to build houses. What a waste.

Sadly, we have seen dither and delay.  Decline is not far away.

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