Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pacemaker diary

I had a pacemaker fitted on 2nd. May 2017.  The device is called an ICD as it has a defibrillator function as well as the usual pacemaker function.  Fitting the device was at the end of a long road that commenced in November 2015 when I visited my GP with symptoms of breathlessness and very rapid weight gain caused by water retention.

I have received excellent service from the NHS: from my GP, the heart failure nurse and staff at Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone hospitals.

Now for the next steps.  I must not raise my left arm above shoulder height for 6 weeks and I am not permitted to drive for a month.  In June a further visit to Maidstone hospital has been arranged to enable the settings on my device to be changed should It be deemed appropriate so to do.

Early days.  I walked to and from the polling station today to vote in the county council elections.  No adverse effects, indeed I felt far more comfortable than I have for some time when walking a similar distance.

My diet has not changed.  I am limited to 2 grammes of salt per day and two pints of fluid and I have to continue taking the pills.

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