Friday, 23 December 2016

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all (well, the few) who read this blog and to my Facebook friends.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Smashed out of sight!

The Greens, Lib Dims and Labour decided to merge their campaigns and support the Labour candidate for the by-election in Trench Ward, Tonbridge.  Fat lot of good it did them as the Tory romped home with  61% of the vote.  Labour secured 21% and UKIP 18%.

What price the 'progressive alliance'?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Abject failure of child protection legislation and organisations.

Over the years I have acquired enough DBS and CRB certificates to cover all the walls of my office.  Doubtless millions of such certificates have been issued to people working with children or vulnerable adults.  All most commendable one might be led to believe.   The reality is that all this paperwork has failed to stop children being assaulted in Rotherham et al, by churches, by Jimmy Savile  and sundry football and athletic coaches.  Add to this the well-documented failure of police forces and social services departments to deal with cases of child abuse.

The root cause of this sorry mess is political failure, failure to see that pen-pushing form filling is not the answer, failure to fund social services departments and failure to stop police forces from not acting for fear of upsetting minorities.  

Health Update

In late November I had an appointment with the cardiac specialist at Maidstone Hospital.  It has been decided I need a pacemaker and other bits and pieces.  Expect to have it fitted in February 2017.