Saturday, 9 May 2015

Liberal Democrat Claptrap in Tunbridge Wells.

In 2010 the general election result in Tunbridge Wells was as follows:

Con   28,302  (56.24%)   Lib Dem  12,726  (25.29%)   Lab  5,448 (10.83%)  UKIP 2,054  (4.08%)

Green 914  (1.82%)  BNP 704 (1.40%)  Ind  172  (0.34%)

In the Lib Dem election address for 2015 the following statement caught my eye:

James MacCleary: The choice to beat the Tories here

The General Election here in Tunbridge Wells constituency will be a close fight between hard working Lib Dem campaigner and the Conservatives.  

At the last general Election Labour finished a distant third place, more than 7000 voted behind the Liberal Democrats.

More and more Labour supporters are switching to back local Lib Dem James MacCleary this time - the only candidate that can hold the Conservatives and UKIP to account here.

Sadly for Mr MacCleary the election contest turned out to be anything but a close fight between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.  The Lib Dems nosedived to fourth.

Where were all those Labour supporters switching to to the Lib Dems?  The Labour vote was up, both in numbers and as a percentage.

2015 Result:

Con 30,181  (58.69%)   Lab  7,307  (14.21%)  UKIP 6,481  (12.60%)  Lib Dem  4,342 (8.44%)

Green  2,659  (5.17%)  Ind  458  (0.89%)

The electorate was not fooled by this Lib Dem nonsense.

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