Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Royal Victoria Hall Theatre, Southborough: Closure

For many years Christmas and New Year celebrations were celebrated, in part, by a visit to the pantomime performed at the Royal Victoria Hall Theatre.  The family enjoyed the performances and the charm and intimacy of the venue.  Now the theatre is closed and should Southborough Town Council have its way it will never re-open.  The Council plans a 'community hub'.  The hub will house the library (the library building is to be demolished to make way for housing) and a new theatre.  However there is some doubt as to the size of the new theatre and some believe it will simply be a large hall with a stage at one end. Whatever does get built (if it ever does) will not have the ambiance of the existing theatre.

Many people are working hard to save the theatre, not simply by asking the taxpayer to subsidise the repair and running costs, but by seeking to turn the theatre into a community asset managed, funded  and leased/owned by the community through a community interest company. I wish them luck.

Next Christmas all we may be able to reflect on is the continuing pantomime that is Southborough Town Council

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