Saturday, 10 August 2013

Travel travails

I arrived at Tunbridge Wells station to catch a train to London  Bridge.  From there I planned to board a train to Gravesend.  However a train failure at Etchingham and unspecified electrical problems between Tonbridge and Hastings resulted in my having to board the 'substitute bus service' to Tonbridge.  No delays on the journey to Tonbridge and the prompt arrival of an Ashford - Charing Cross train enabled an arrival at London Bridge forty minutes late.

Coming back from Gravesend I arrived at the station and caught a late running train from Gillingham
to Charing Cross.  To make up time South Eastern  decided to terminate the train at London  Bridge and miss out all timetabled intermediate stops apart from Dartford!

The journey from London Bridge back to Tunbridge Wells was eventful.  The train was crowded as Hastings trains had  been cancelled and passengers for points south of Tunbridge Wells directed onto the trains which normally terminate at Tunbridge Wells.

We rattled along to Sevenoaks where it was announced that the train would not stop at Hildenborough as 'there was no guard on the train'.  I presume the reason for not stopping is that Hildenborough does not have platform staff.

Passengers for Hastings were advised to detrain at Tonbridge where buses would be waiting to take them to their destination.  It was announced that the train would not stop at High Brooms, again for want of a guard. At Tonbridge a guard appeared and the previous announcement was withdrawn.

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