Friday, 14 June 2013

Dennis Smith MBE

Dennis Smith has died aged 87. He was a former councillor on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and served a term as mayor.

I met Dennis on numerous occasions at voluntary sector events or at committee meetings of organisations to which we both belonged.  He could come across as being somewhat pedantic with his insistence on precision in the use of words in documents.  In fact he had a very sharp brain and a marvellous very dry sense of humour.

You could rely on Dennis to be at a meeting, such was his devotion to duty.

He will be remembered most for his work with Headway and the care and support he gave to his wife who predeceased him.  His work for many organisations in Tunbridge Wells and Kent bear testimony to his support for the voluntary sector.

I was privileged to know and work with Dennis, to listen to his wise counsel and see in action his determination to make Tunbridge Wells a better place for many disadvantaged people.

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  1. Such a sad loss. He was such a lovely man.