Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Improving railways.

Four trains an hour off-peak to London, two trains an hour off-peak to Hastings and that is the sum total of passenger services from Tunbridge Wells for most of the day.

Good service should London be your destination but woeful should you will to travel to Croydon, Bromley or Brighton.

Croydon involves a change at Tonbridge and then an hourly service to Croydon via Redhill or a trip via London Bridge.

Bromley can be reached by changing at Orpington, but not all London-bound trains stop at Orpington, so an additional change at Sevenoaks It is possible to reach Bromley by changing at Sevenoaks and then heading out to Bromley via Swanley. Miles further and slower.

To reach Brighton there are three routes all of which take about  the same time.

1.Via St Leonards (change) and along the line to Brighton.  You might be lucky and catch a through train - otherwise change at Lewes.

2. Via  Redhill.  Change at Tonbridge, Redhill and Gatwick.

3.Via London Bridge.  More expensive than the others

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Well, he would say that wouldn't he?

One of our parish councillors has written the following gushing guff.

'Finally I do hope that readers of Rusthall Life appreciate the work the parish council does in the community and realise that it has made a significant difference to the life of this lovely village.'  Bilge.

The village has acquired a hall and council office and pays for a clerk.  All quite unnecessary. Back in 2011 this particular councillor was keen to reopen the public conveniences.  Has it happened?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Smashing New Year

No sooner had the fireworks stopped than there was a bang, a whooshing sound followed by a skidding sound and finally a metallic clunk, all accompanied by a police siren. A car, driven presumably by an idiot, had hit a wall, careered down the road, over the green and into the side of a car.

Cue for one of the people in the car to leg it up the road at some speed before vaulting over the six foot wall into the pub garden!

Six police cars and vans arrived and the occupants began a search of the pub garden, but to no avail.